Project Overview

Case Studies

Date: February—June 2014
Place: Prague, Faculty of Architecture CTU

Summer term task at the Faculty of Architecture CTU in Kohout–Tichý design studio. Within the design studio and additional courses at the Faculty of Architecture 6 selected localities from Czech cities including Prague will be analyzed and design strategies will be proposed. The aim is not only to find unique design but also to compare different environments regarding their specific characteristics, so they can be typologically classified and specific tools can be defined.


Date: February—June 2014
Place: Prague, Faculty of Architecture CTU

Parallel to design studio task, selected localities will be studied in Urbanism course at the faculty. Cooperation of these subjects allows to receive more information and to survey the issue properly.


Date: 13th—16th March 2014
Place: Prague, Faculty of Architecture CTU

Workshop for students of architecture, representatives of selected cities and other guests. Issues of complex problems of housing estates will be presented and possibilities of their regeneration will be discussed with municipalities representatives.

Lecture Series

Date: March—May 2014
Place: Prague, Faculty of Architecture CTU

Cycle of six lectures will introduce experiences in urban regeneration of post-war housing estates in Central European context. Foreign examples of realized or prepared interventions will be shown and some other topics, such as place-making, housing policies, sociological and philosophical context of these urban forms will be discussed.
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International Conference

Date: 13th—14th November 2014
Place: Prague, Faculty of Architecture CTU

Concept of the conference is based on a complex introduction of three housing estates transformation examples. Transformations will be described not only from architectural viewpoint but also with focus on related policy-making processes, role of administration and private sector involvement. Panel discussion with invited guests will follow. During the conference results of case studies and research project will be presented and Czech experts including architects, urbanists, sociologists and municipality representatives will introduce local experiences. Target group is created mainly by civil service officials, politicians, developers, students and other professional public.

Travelling Exhibition

Date: November 2014—December 2015
Place: Prague, Faculty of Architecture CTU and cooperating cities

Traveling exhibition showing results of case studies and analyses. First time exhibited during the International Conference at the Faculty of Architecture, afterwards in cooperating cities.


June 2015

The publication summarizes the results of a research project of the same name. It comprises three parts: an introductory theoretical part, devoted to the analysis of the origins of the housing estates, with a general summary of their potential for further development. The second part presents eighteen design models and two pilot projects for modifications to particular localities in Czech cities. The last part of the book is devoted to data surveys and comparisons using graphs: it contains the results of analyses of surveyed sites at Czech housing estates, comparisons of the individual case studies, and an overview of the most interesting examples of housing-estate regeneration in Europe during the last 25 years.

International Validating Workshops

2014 – 2017

The project continues by a series of workshops in Budapest, Bratislava and Gliwice

English Edition of the Publication

January 2017

English edition of the book aims to contribute to an ongoing international debate, in visegrad region mostly.